Monday, March 5, 2012

Orange You Glad Fest!

Just wrapped up a fun project doing the identity for a music festival in Orlando coming up this weekend, Orange You Glad Fest! I did a bunch of hand type for the website too, thanks to Chris Anderson for incorporating it so well! It's been a pleasure working with Tierney again, her original idea/direction was "vintage postcard" feel, so I started there for the logo and website banner:

Keeping the look consistent, I developed that further that for the festival poster, putting the imagery into "postcards" on a table setting:

Then Tierney had a cool idea to turn them into actual postcards to use as fliers for the festival! (picture by Tierney)

Also got to do a Grimes poster for the festival pre-party!

Hope the festival is awesome, wish I could be there! Thanks T!
(Also, 100th post! Whoa!)

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there was a hard copy of the pre party flyer you made, that I could purchase? My friends birthday is coming up and i think it would be a cool gift. She is a BIG Grimes fan. PS you are very talented. You have some really amazing work