Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding illustrations!

I had the honour of doing the invitations and some fun little woodsy illustrations for my good friend and designer Leah Santucci's wedding this summer! A little different than I usually work, these were all painted in gouache. Forgot how nice it is to make an entire piece without the computer sometimes! Picture party ahead, click for larger!


the actual paintings, on little 2.5" x 3" cards

every menu was set on an actual typewriter (by leah)!

table cards ...

on a door!

And a few more pictures from the wedding, because it was SO beautiful out in the Kootenays, and Leah (and her pa!) did an amaaazing job on the decorating, everything was handmade and matching and perfect! (Also, the view!)

petit bouquet!

arch made by mr. santucci!

hanging wooden birds by the groom's father!

sweet, glorious tarts made by the family and neighbours!

Et fin, congrats Leah & Darrett!!

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  1. I can't believe I never commented on this! Love all your photos! What a great day that was, so glad you were there and did so much for us!!!