Monday, May 26, 2008

A Tribute to Helen Koentges

Calgarian journalist Chris Koentges wrote a beautiful & inspiring story (warning: it's a tearjerker!) about his mother's recent passing from brain cancer, featured in last weeks Swerve.


Inside Opener - the story relates [his mother's] garden to the cycle of seasons - life & death, etc.

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Pheww! On a more cheery note, the Compadres/Oscar Lopez illustrations were nominated in the 'Illustration or Illustration Feature' category of the Western Magazine Awards! I'm in good company - other nominees include my fellow classmate Byron Eggenschweiler, and schoolmate Joy Ang!

FFWD - Arts Emergency

I recently got to illustrate a great FFWD feature on the state of the arts & artists in Calgary - which is that it's actually in a state of emergency! Eeep! I highly recommend you take a read.


Inside Feature

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