Wednesday, January 30, 2008

come along, fool

i'm a huge cat power fan, and was super excited to do an illustration about her & her new album of cover songs, jukebox, for the upcoming february issue of beatroute. the album includes covers of hank williams, joni mitchell, frank sinatra, james brown, billie holiday, janis joplin, as well as a few of her own songs. her voice will make you swoooon!

(click for larger image)

semi-related: if you're unfamiliar with the glory that is her music, here are some songs you need to hear:

i don't blame you
metal heart

semi-related: the poster i got to do for her show at sled island is here!

also semi-related: other illustrations for the cd review section beatroute! definitely some of the funnest illustrations i get to do. portraits + delicious music = happy julie!

thom yorke (of radiohead) - the eraser

beastie boys - the mix-up

deerhoof - friend opportunity

unrelated: holy cold alberta! bundle up folks!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Poster Post

new poster for My Shaky Jane!

not-as-new-but-still-newish poster for Drug Store Cowboys!

and in honour of this first poster post, here's a great interview with the glorious Milton Glaser, whose own poster collection is in the 200,000 - 300,000 range. what?!

also: more of my posters can be found at